Shung Hing Jewellery 崇興首飾公司

公司簡介 About Us

崇興首飾公司, 創始於1976年, 專業經營珠寶批發出口。產品包括18K/14K金珠寶首飾, 鑲嵌各類天然寶石, 鑽石, 翡翠玉器, 珍珠等。備有各式各樣的手鏈、手鐲、襟針、耳環、吊墜、戒指、空台等首飾。 在國內設有規模的廠房, 生產各類珠寶首飾。

主要市場香港, 東南亞及美國, 有超過參40年參加國際珠寶展覽經驗。在市場上佔穩固地位, 為著配合業務發展, 崇興在國內設有規模的廠房, 支持量身訂造。歡迎查詢。

Shung Hing Jewellery Co, designs, manufactures, and wholesales jewellery products since1976. The leading specialist in jewellery production with an international rapport.

Shung Hing have been marketed its exquisite jewellery products in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and the United States. The products range from bangles, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, mounting and brooches include a selection of high quality jewellery from handcrafted diamond, jade, precious stone, semi-precious stone, and 14-karat to 18-karat gold with very competitive prices. Shung Hing possesses its own production plant in mainland China.

Shung Hing exhibits at most of the major jewellery trade fair including JCK Las Vegas, Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair, Oman International Jewellery Exhibition and Dubai International Jewellery Week etc.