Shung Hing Jewellery 崇興首飾公司

專業經營珠寶批發出口。產品包括18K/14K金珠寶首飾, 鑲嵌各類天然寶石, 鑽石, 翡翠玉器, 珍珠等。備有各式各樣的手鏈、手鐲、襟針、耳環、吊墜、戒指、空台等首飾。歡迎查詢。

The leading specialist in jewellery production with an international rapport. The products range from bangles, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, mounting and brooches include a selection of high quality jewellery from handcrafted diamond, jade, precious stone, semi-precious stone, and 14-karat to 18-karat gold. Enquiries are welcome.